BITESIZE Terms & Conditions

This bitesize document provides an overview of the rules that govern your use of the platform. Upon creating an account with you hereby agree and are bound to the guidelines set out below as well as the standard T&C document.

1) is a peer-to-peer eSports wagering platform which enables you to find suitable opponents to play against for real money or just for fun.

2) is designed to help you find other like-minded players to play video games against on your own PC or games console. There are no games hosted directly on the website.

3) By registering for you are under no obligation to enter into contests which involve a fixed wagering element. You are always at liberty to make your own choices and can use simply as a tool to find other like-minded players to play against for fun.

4) Everyone has their own profile on which displays all your statistics based on your gaming performances. By registering with you agree that you will only upload photos / content / words that avoid copyright infringements and that all liability for such content use is on you. reserves the right to at any time remove content from your profile which we feel is inappropriate or offensive.

5) Please visit our FAQ page for an explanation as to the legal status of in the United States of America. Here you will find information regarding where we will be launching in the US and why we are legal in those states.

6) At present, users from the United States of America will not be able to deposit money on to participate in any fixed wagered amount contests. However users from the United States of America will be able to use all other aspects of the site and enter into contests without a wager element.

7) Please read the FAQ page for more information about vital aspects of

8) When / if you decide to enter into a contest against another user for a fixed wager you agree to and accept that there is no liability against Ltd should you lose that game and subsequently the fixed wager associated with it. You agree and understand that has provided you with the ability to look at every other player’s profile for you to ultimately make the final decision as to whether want to play your opposition.

9) We do not take any responsibility for any action undertaken by you based on an incorrect or incomplete understanding of the service offered by Ltd. Should you be in any doubt, please contact us.

10) The Site is not responsible for technical, hardware or software malfunctions, lost or unavailable network connections, disconnects from your game play on your platform, or any incorrect or inaccurate results that may be posted on your online game. Any loss of connection during the challenge which prevents that contest from being completed, will be deemed a forfeit and must go down as a ‘loss’ when submitting your results.

11) has a strict one account per user policy and reserves the right at any time to suspend any account pending the receipt of personal identification documents in order to prove ownership of the account. We also reserve the right to delete any account should the information provided not prove suitable.

12) The strongly recommend that you take a screenshot of the result when you've completed a contest as it might be needed as evidence should your opposition wrongly try and claim a win. 

Over Eighteens Only
This service provided by Breakout Gaming is strictly for those over the age 18. At any stage, Breakout Gaming reserves the right to ask its customers to verify their age